Conversation about holidays

02 Jan

Yolla : Etha, tell me, where do you think people might go for holidays in the future ?

Etha : Hmm…holidays….in the future …..? Let me think…. Well… I think people still might go to exotic or natural places for holidays, such as Raja Ampat, Komodo Island or to have safari in Africa. People are prefer to go there than visiting museums or waterpark or malls. They are interesting places to visit, but it feels different if you have holidays out of the city. It’s more exciting.

Yolla : Mmm…OK. That’s right. What else ?

Etha : Beside nice views that come from nature, I believe that people get bored with the crowdedness of the city. They need quiet places to relax, to feel fresh air, also to have adventure with wil animals, wildlife.

Yolla : I agree with you. Though the city have great places to visit, even amusing, but it still can’t be compared with the place that come from nature or wildlife.

Etha : Yes, that’s true. And how about you ? Where do you think of the holiday places they might go in the future ?

Yolla : Mmm….I’m not sure, but probably outer space will be a great destination. So, I think people will go there to spend their holidays.

Etha : Outer space ? Well…that could be. Why do you think so ?

Yolla : As I said before, I agree with you that people might still go to natural places but for several people, I think, especially who has a lot of money, they want to experience more. Beside as you know, only astronauts or people who work for NASA or have research about space that can go there, now ordinary people like us cab have such experience.

Etha : But how ? I mean, should they go to NASA ? Do NASA provide such thing ?

Yolla : No, not NASA. There is a company which offer travel to outer space. It calls Virgin Galactic. You can make online registration if you are interested in

Etha : Wow, that’s amazing. maybe someday I can go to outer space, to take a walk on moon or mars, but for now I’m prefer to keep spend holiday on earth. By the way , are also interested in going to outer space someday? Perhaps you are bored to have holidays on earth.

Yolla : definitely I want to go there, but when will it happen ? I don’t even afford to travel on earth hehehe. Pity me

Etha : you know what ? Because we are talking about travel to outer space, I have a will to celebrate my wedding there. And you must come.

Yolla : sure I will come Etha, as long as you pay the aerospace plane’s ticket.

Etha : absolutely Yolla. Should we do the registration now ?

Yolla : of course,  we must apply immediately before it’s fully booked.

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